The 2011 Project - Travel

I have been collecting old postcards, travel photos and other travel ephemera for years to use in mixed media pieces.  Below are some of the pieces about travel including ones that incorporate much of the travel collage fodder. A print of travel-themed pieces from the 2011 Project is available here.

The travel themed pieces were part of the inspiration for a site specific installation called Imagining Val Travel in 2012.
The installation also featured some of the travel-themed pieces shown below. In 2021 postcard-themed work contiues with an artist book called Collage Dreams.

The 2011 Project blog also has a detailed explanation of the idea behind each individual piece.

Each piece is 4"x4" (10x10 cm), mixed media, acrylic on canvas.

Clicking on the individual pieces below will link you to the blog entry with details about the piece.