Every day in 2011 a piece of art was made
to create an installation piece made of 365 parts

The 2011 Project is a large-scale piece where I created a map of the entire year. The year was mapped as I created a piece of art for each day during 2011. 

The work is made up of 365 individual, mixed media pieces, each 4”x4” (10x10 cm) in size.  Each piece was done as a reflection of an individual day. One piece was actually made on each day of 2011.

The result was a single piece of work to be made up of 365 smaller pieces.  The work was approximately 120” wide by 75” high.  I installed the individual pieces, but the idea with the work is that there was not any single order in which they should be installed. 

In 2013 the 365 individual pieces will be distributed.  Mainly the pieces will be distributed to the individuals and groups that have supported the project. 

The small, individual pieces are not being gifted to supporters.  Rather, the idea is to ask supporters to hold and act as curators of the pieces.  At a future date(s), at least 10 years later, an attempt will be made to have some of the pieces temporarily returned for further installations.  I see each 4"x4" component as a kind of time capsule.