Every day a piece of art was made

The work is made up of 365 smaller mixed media pieces, each 4”x4” (10x10 cm) in size.  Each piece was done as a reflection of an individual day. One piece was actually made on each day of 2011.  During the year the pieces were photographed and could be followed on Facebook, Tumlbr and a blog for the project. The photographer David Wilson also documented the project.

The blog has a detailed explanation of the idea behind each individual piece.

The mixed media pieces have incorporated maps, sandpaper, travel ephemera, postcards, postage stamps, fortunes, oat bran, muslin, loteria cards, glitter, wax, leaves and salt collected in Death Valley.

4x4 canvases mixed media test install

Photos from Janaury 1, 2011. Courtesy of David Wilson.